Daily Airdrops

Decentralized platform to connect businesses with new users

Airdrop pool


Become a member

Members are allowed to withdraw from the pool every 24 hours.

Join the telegram group and verify yourself as a human being. You will get notified within max. 12 hours about your membership verification. After the successful verification you have to pay a fee of just . All fees will also go into the airdrop pool. Fees and daily withdraw limit might be increased in the future.

You have to pay a fee of just . All fees will also go into the airdrop pool.

Become a sponsor

Generate new visitors for your website. Members have to click on one banner of their choice to withdraw their daily airdrop. Your banner will be granted to appear in the 'Recent sponsors' category. And depending on your amount of sponsored TRX your banner will also appear in the 'Top sponsors this week' and 'Top sponsors all time'. The order of the 3 lists will be randomized each visit.



Contract address


Contract settings

The dapp is decentralized but the contract has a few values that can be adjusted by the developer. Changes will only be made to react to TRX <-> USD price changes, to counter abuse of the system and to cover website/marketing/developer costs.

The following values can be changed within their defined limits: